Logistic services


DONA. Logistică team is consists of dedicated, experienced specialists, always ready to provide consulting and complete support to our clients so that they can achieve the optimal purchase.
Moreover, the latest technology represents the support that contribute to the efficiency and the quality of the services offered:

Transparent IT system in pharmacies and warehouse, to ensure traceability of all products and batches;
Functional quality management system;
MyBiz Logistic – an IT platform for supervising the orders

DONA. Logistică complies with European automation standards:
• air conditioning system that ensures humidity and temperature conditions acoordingh to the rules of good practice in the distribution;
• electronic system for monitoring and recording the temperature and humidity, with calibrated devices;
• access control system with proximity cards, the access rights being assigned to each user for each door included in the system. Video surveillance system (to guarantee the quality and to eliminate the risk of counterfeiting of expensive drugs);
• cold room with a storage capacity of 200 cubic meters.

Modern car fleet:
• + 78 utility vehicles equipped with cooling systems;
• + 300,000 km per month;
• the temperature of commercial vehicles is recorded using electronic devices with printer for data printing;
• we ensure the transport of sensitive pharmaceutical products both at controlled temperatures of 15-25 ° C and as well as at 2-8 ° C.

Responsible delivery services:
• door-to-door to all pharmacies;
• + 26,000 billing lines per day;
• diversified product portfolio (+ 5,000 distinct products);
• Short delivery time:
– max. 24 hours in Bucharest and its surroundings;
– max. 48 hours to any pharmacy in the country;
• call center.